Zwart is the Dutch translation of the word Black.

It’s in the name: ZWART.

Black sheep. Black market. Black face. Black list. Blackball. Blackmailing. Dark humour. In languages used across the world, the word black is used to describe the cynical side of our humour, the underground world of trade, the rejects of tradition, the odd one out. Today, that this is being put to an end. ZWART is a compilation of all colours. It holds a positive, powerful and inviting meaning. This is how we do things. This is who we are. Join us on our quest; by learning to embrace our differences. By taking a seat on the other side. By teasing that curiosity in getting to know one another. We challenge you to get your paintbrushes out and to mix each and every colour on your palette. Which colour do you get?

Omroep ZWART is you. All of you. So join us to get a seat at the table. We will be seeing you around!

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